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              DRY CLEANING

              Our dry cleaning is done by our sister company The Dry Cleaning Company (Stalbridge).  We do their alts, they do our cleaning.  You can use either location for the same excellent service.

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              Alterations to bridal wear (including bridesmaids dresses) is one of our specialities.  However, because of the complexity of alterations to these types of garments, estimates can only be given once we've seen the dress.

              We can shorten the length of the body and/or sleeves, alter the side seams, waist, or shoulders - in fact anything it's physically possible to do, we'll do - and at a fraction of the price you'd be charged at a bridal outfitters. 

              As with everything, we guarantee to get it ready on time.

              We have large changing rooms which can accommodate even the most extravagant of dresses.  Please note that there is a fitting charge of £10 on bridal wear.

              As ever, advice and quotations are free, so come in and let us take a look.

              Bridal Wear
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